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Never before, the ultimate collection of Ramirez’ original best releases and best remixes: “Best Of Ramirez – Original Mixes” & “Best Of Ramirez – The Remixes”

On February 13th, 2012 we have released the compilation series titled "Best Of Ramirez":
Ramirez is the artistic pseudonym used by Alex Quiroz Buelvas who is a Colombian singer and musician. Since 1992 this artist who came from the heart of the Caribbean coast of Colombia has released many European dance hits in cooperation with the DFC Team (Riccardo Persi, Elvio Moratto & Davide Rizzatti) and DJ Ricci … single hits such as Musika Tremenda, Hablando, El Ritmo Barbaro, Orgasmico, Terapia, El Gallinero, Bomba and Baraonda which all climbed right to the top of the European dance charts. Despite the aggressive and irreverent look, Alex is a very quiet and cultured person, as a matter of fact he has a PhD in Physics and Mathematics and he works as as scientist and university professor. 
Ramirez career started by chance since he was singing a song in Spanish while he was standing in line at the movie theatre and he was accidentally scouted by one producer of the DFC Team. He took part to the most important Techno Music Raves among which we would like to mention Mayday and Victoria as well as he performed hundreds of gigs in all different continents.
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