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GAZNEVADA “Synth Soundtrack”

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GAZNEVADA “Synth Soundtrack”

Synth Soundtrack is a re-work of Sick Soundtrack, the first album by Gaznevada, the legendary new wave no wave rock dance punk band of the 70s-80s.

The Sick Soundtrack multitrack no longer exists, it was lost many years ago: no multitrack no remixes.

And, in fact, Synth Soundtrack is NOT a remix.

No possibility of removing or correcting sounds, synthesizers, rhythms, it was only possible to add.

Basically today’s Gaznevada played together with original Gaznevada. A time machine jam session. A kind of techno-musical psychoanalysis. Synth Soundtrack moves away from Sick Soundtrcak to take its own original path.

Was there ever anyone in the history of rock who ever did something like this?

Hmm… Oh… So… Maybe… No… No, definitely not. Nobody.