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If you are reading this message you probably are already familiar with YouTube and we do not have to explain to you how it works. Who creates or produces music and images puts a lot of effort in order to have his works watched and appreciated from a growing crowd. Artists, composers and record labels – respecting everybody's rights – are proud to know that at any time, millions of people from all over the world can listen to, watch and appreciate their works: this is another side of YouTube. We at Expanded Music are very happy to see that hundreds of thousands of people listen to our music and watch our videos on a daily basis, but at the some we are even prouder to see hundreds of people who every day propose on YouTube new Remixes, Mashups, Dj Set or simply witness bits and pieces of their lives by using our music. We have created on our YouTube Channel some dedicated playlists for you to enjoy: it is our way to say thanks to all of those who, uploading their own videos, show to appreciate our music and help us spread it around; a way to try to establish with you or those just like you a new approach to work together or simply to say: hi!